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With all that we have to worry about….the chemicals in our cosmetics should not be one of them

While the chemicals in cosmetics make us look, feel, and smell better(OR SO WE THINK) research strongly suggests that at certain exposure levels, some of these chemicals may contribute to the development of cancer in people. But because personal care products contain a diverse combination of chemicals, it’s nearly impossible to show a definite cause and effect for any specific chemical on […]

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Gone are the whimsical carefree summer days but here to replace it is layer dressing, riding boots and some easy tips for the next season of Hair Care

Simple, no thought involved and timesaving tips for autumn hair are whats on the menu as we look to a new season to keep our hair deliciously healthy……So, lets imagine a full course meal as we delight in every serving of fierce hair. Now, generally Autumn hair care requires less ingredients than summer care but […]

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Whatever Holiday, Religious Event or Cultural Experience you choose to embrace…

‘Tis the season, Shalom , Habari Gani, I mean Feliz Navidad OH Snickerdoodles dont forget Konnichiwa and As-salamu alaykum….. Please remember that this time of year is ALWAYS about reconnecting with family and friends …….NOW lets talk about the perfect connection with Buttery Sensations All Natural Hair and Skin Essentials (shameless plug lol) When you give a gift you […]

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