Gone are the whimsical carefree summer days but here to replace it is layer dressing, riding boots and some easy tips for the next season of Hair Care

Simple, no thought involved and timesaving tips for autumn hair are whats on the menu as we look to a new season to keep our hair deliciously healthy……So, lets imagine a full course meal as we delight in every serving of fierce hair. Now, generally Autumn hair care requires less ingredients than summer care but we have to get cooking right away.  So, are you ready to sharpen your comb and begin your after sun hair care to make sure your tresses welcome the cold season looking shiny, bouncy, and restored? Well, here are some suggestions on how to achieve that:

1. Take your colour WARMER

Natural hair is lighter in the summer and slightly darker during the cold season, which means your dyed tresses could definitely use a bit of a touch up. Experiment with caramel and golden hues if you’re blonde as these will give your, less than sun-kissed complexion a fresh glow or opt for natural-looking high and low-lights if you’re a brunette. Now, I know that when it comes to hair care tips for autumn, this one is literally on the border but hey – for a big percentage of women out there colouring is a part of their hair care routine!


From styling products to salt sprays, SPF lotions and leave-ins – there are tons of stuff that had been building up on your hair during the summer. And now is the perfect time to get them out and start a new season with absolutely clean, maximally shiny hair! Use Buttery Sensations FOOT AND BODY as a double duty Clarifier…After wash apply foot and body and cover for 10 minutes then rinsing with tepid water.


Now, I know this next hair care tip for autumn is not the season’s exclusive, but is definitely something you mustn’t forget once the hot days are gone! Use Buttery Sensations as a hot oil/deep conditioning treatment. Its already infused with essential  and natural oils to restore moisture and elasticity to your sun dried tresses! Hot Oil: heat Buttery Sensations Hair and Body essential and apply to wet hair cover to maintain warmth for desired time and rinse …. Deep Conditioning: Apply Buttery Sensations Hair and Body Essential to wet hair cover with platic cap and sit under Warm Dryer/Steamer  or steam hair in bathroom with running shower (dont let yourself overheat) and rinse ..A deep conditioning session is best done after clarifying and will result in wonderfully restored, soft and supple hair that, thanks to a clarifying treatment, doesn’t feel heavy, oily or matted.


This is one of those hair care tips for autumn we must not forget! Split ends are definitely not something you should take with you into the next season so book an appointment with your stylist and have this taken care of! You can opt for a full haircut touch-up in case you’ve been skipping your hair appointments all summer or just have it dusted. This last one is a great option as it involves cutting only the teeny-tiniest length of hair, giving you that nice and groomed, freshly-cut look without significantly affecting your length. Hair should rightfully be trimmed of dead hair every new season  ( yes thats 4x a year ) unless your maintaining a funky cut !!!!!


Cold…well we can handle the cold but rain and that crazy frizz that follows are definitely not on any girl’s list of things to love autumn for! And while you can still mask the bulk of it by opting for a beachy wave style, your post summer hair care should definitely involve a good anti-frizz product or care routine. Thats right ladies ….Invest is quality sheets and pillowcases that wont strip your hair of moisture OR scarf your hair at night and under those UP and COMING Winter Hats…Your hair will love you for it.


Moisturizing definitely needs to find its place in your fall hair care too as wind, heating and blowdrying can take a toll on your hair! Add sweaters, turtlenecks and faux fur collars to the equation and you’ll be driven mad with hair static. Luckily, all of this can be avoided with nothing more than a proper moisturizing treatment once in a while. You can opt for a deep conditioner to use each week or every other week. You can also consider a moisturizing shampoo/conditioner and Buttery Sensation hair essential to avoid the hassle and make sure your hair gets everything it needs even when you’re super busy.


Out with the old, in with the new! If you happen to be shedding like a cat around this time, too, you should definitely pay close attention to this last one on my hair care tips for autumn. Get your boar bristle brush, Butter Sensations Hair Essential and a Scalp Massager ready (Make it a couples thing and that He or She is not too tired) and be sure to try to get into this routine at least once every 2-3 days. A relaxing 10 to 15 minute massage will increase the blood circulation in your scalp, speeding up new growth and will give you healthier hair and head in the long run! Don’t get scared if your shedding gets worse as these hairs are, in fact, ready to go and the sooner they do, the better!

Any other interesting hair care tips for the changing seasons you would like to share? Email me at sales@butterysensations.com

Until Next Time Have a Buttery Day , Cinnamon

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